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All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Another one of those days where the air is cold, yet peaceful. Not a cloud in the sky with the sun shining its bright rays upon us. So bright that it filters through my open window and wakes me from my cold slumber. Slumber that I have been trying to find for three straight days no less.

I go by the name Miss Representation. I don't use my real name for more of a purpose of privacy. I have been called the erudite young woman, witty, intelligent and all that's nice. Of course that was when I was a child. Yet I am out of touch with the average person. Though you might falsely think I probably sound like a snob, it has more to do with being witty and maintaining my class. After all, being witty is something you can't fake. As well. Being a Countess follows you no matter what country you are visiting or living in. More of that later.

I am in deed attempting to explain as to why am I starting my first attempt at blogging from the woods and hills of Western Massachusetts. Please forgive me for my distractions and lengthy metaphors. I've never lived in a place with so many squirrels running around.

We start this story months ago on a lovely day just as today was turning into nightfall where clouds gathered together in dark assortments. Of course as any other story starts it was at a party. One of those parties where everyone who is someone is seen out gracing the scene of society. And not to forget those who were making their first debut into society. Such as myself, but I don't get out much to make my presence known. I prefer privacy that the mystery of my birth accords.

I was there with a few of my friends where we can gossip about who did what while sipping on our fine china while eating tapas. One of the women in our group approached me while she had an air of confidence around her which intrigued me.

I truly didn't see a reason for the confidence and so this seemed like it would be a learning experience for me.

I do attempt to better myself even though I was born a breed better than the next. Though. That's just the science of my families control of our line of genetics. It's not a statement of superiority. Though I do have some relatives we won't be talking about as we further this friendship. Some facts become mute at looking closer so I will be mute about all that....

She spoke of something that caught me off guard. She spoke about the art industry and how it has become so commercialized that even artists are out for money nowadays. Our conversation went on until she brought up someone by the name Jagger Blythe. I wasn't familiar with this person, yet seeing an opportunity to be witty I asked if he was someone who painted portraits. She replied that he's a photographer.

I'll never forget what she said next and I quote: " The point of art is to make people look at the world like they've never seen it before while Jagger Blythe makes everyone look like someone other than they actually are ". That was my first time hearing the name and starting the research. I was starting to think this Jagger Blythe was an instagram filter and not an actual living breathing person.

Jagger Blythe, his work and how he became such a big commercialized success in such a short amount of time started to become more apparent every day like an infection. He has taken photography to a whole new level that while I was out in the world studying art, his name started popping up everywhere. Everyone wanted to take photos with him while he had this mysterious persona about him. And before you know it, everyone's photos started having his filter over their faces.

Every time I saw one of my friends' photos on social media they would have one of his filters on it. No one actually looked like what they did in person. Meeting people, in person, that you made friends with on social media was like going on blind dates where they never appeared the same in person. Strangely enough if you commented to them on it they would upset themselves. To say the least it became extremely annoying. Do they not have mirrors to look into when they go outside or are they just used to the glare of their iPhone screen they have forgotten.

I stopped making friends online since it was Russian Roulette who, or what, would show up in person. I am nobility after all. I might down play it but there are certain things in life that are out of my lane of tolerance. I know enough Russian oligarchs to know to put that gun aside and move on to other things.

I had to move away to the countryside to reclaim my sense of propriety.

For me much is a grand gesture. So my moving away was not to the countryside of my birth but to the countryside of New England, over the pond, to the grand USA. To the land of what I hope to be my peeps, as many of you may say.

I found myself at this small bookstore in western central Massachusetts where the walls were lined with many past editions.

I was just browsing when I heard screaming coming from the back of the building.

Running to the noise, I found it was another woman who had just witnessed sighting a friend from online without their instagram filter. She stood up and screamed once more as she started running towards me. "Help!" she cried as she ran into my arms crying hard onto my shoulder as if no one else could hear her.

"It's okay," I said while trying to catch my own breath from the running. "I'm here now."

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and asked, "Can you help me?"

"Of course I can," I replied still not knowing what was going on or why she needed my help so desperately.

"I just need you to hold me for a minute," she said as she breathed deep.

"Ummm okay."

So I stood there, holding an unknown woman in western central Massachusetts at this small bookstore which will remain anonymous for the protection of the store owners. As the woman explained the trauma of what had just happened to her. It was at that moment I realized Blythe Jagger, the living breathing Instagram style filter, was an issue world wide. I had to do something. I knew if I could save one woman from this horror, it would be worth the effort.

So the next day I went out and built an app for a brand new instagram filter, which shows the real you with the use of a wide microscopic lens high definition algorithm. Of course the normal Instagram filters will try to tell you that makeup is not real life. I continued my crusade through western central Massachusetts until no less than two women were saved within an hour of each other. Those were good numbers for only being in northern New England for a few months now.

But since then. I can't believe it has been six months since I started the app. Now I have just turned it over to my team of programmers, who are located all around the world including in America's untrustworthy neighbor, Canada. The home of that notorious dry gingerale.

As I look at myself through my new wide microscopic lens high definition algorithm Instagram style, but not really Instagram, filter, I realize this is how everyone should see me everyday. This is what you would get if you knew me in person. There are no distractions here other than what is around me and even then they are only distractions because they are back lit by the sun making them out of focus rather than something that may cause a distraction to my own face.

Looking into this wide microscopic lens high definition algorithm Instagram filter, which isn't really an Instagram filter, I am reminded of my own personal reign over the unknown world.

So this extreme shift and awakening in my life is the reason I am compelled to start writing a blog here in Western Central Massachusetts. My new home.

Much more will follow. If I may in closing remind my fellow neighbors not to feed the bears for they know not where your personal boundaries may lie. Instead. Help me feed the squirrels. The fatter we can make them the less they can make us dizzy when they run around.

That concludes this introductory blog about Miss Representation's journey into public service through her new app which will save women one by one from Jagger Blythe and other online distractions who are not seen in their fullness with any kind of filters or editing on social media sites.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please be advised while wcmbusiness appreciates Miss Representations desire to blog - nothing said here is approved, fact checked, or a representation of wcmbusiness its owners or representatives, or anyone involved or not involved in the aforesaid entity.

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