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Deuxième Versement

My Second Installment

It’s been a whirlwind of days since I last wrote you. I’ve heard back much from those that have read my initial letter, that you on this side of the pond call a blog. I’ve heard some negative things as well, though more so, on the positive side.

My editors have told me that they stand with me, even though there has been some shade thrown my way. Let me tell you right now. I can stand pretty tall in my heels, that someone else's shade is the least of anyones concerns, if you come at me like that.

First off I feel compelled to thank the lady I spoke of in my last letter. Yes, that frantic lady of whom I assisted during her moment of distraught and unease of being presented with a stark encounter at that book store. That’s all I will repeat on that. You need to read the last letter to catch up if you are new to my voice of experience here. I do highly suggest you sign up and join this free interactive website as well. You can control what you get for notifications too. So don't feel like you have to be inundated by all the notifications. Just make sure you follow my postings. It would be safer for you. That way you can find out faster if I've decided to write about you! I get around and while I am quiet in person, I do take notes. So be prepared. You know who you are....

Though Tanya, I will admit, that wonderfully loud woman who hugs like a goddess turned out to be the impetus for my coming forward and writing my letter series here. Yes. I will proudly say Tanya Bullock of Life Memories and more was my muse to my unfiltered story of how I came about landing in the woods and hills of western Massachusetts writing to you. If you were unaware, Tanya is one of the founding members of this community fostering project called wcmbusiness that hosts my letters to you. I'll do my best to be nice here and not upset too many local apple carts. I'm starting to like the attention I am getting with my open letters on my quiet days. God knows the squirrels in these woods seem to get all the attention as is.

That day at The Montague Book Mill, looking for books I didn’t need, in a place I couldn’t find, was an awakening of sorts for me. If you, yourself, dare to try to find the place I would suggest you go and see what awaits you there. Tell them Miss Representation sent you. Let me know if they found my red squirrel leather glove I lost there as well! It was a special gift from a former interest of mine who is no longer around....

Speaking of places and names. I’ve had many letters forwarded to me from the editors here of questions, from my new loving peeps, that want to know more about me and my experiences in their quaint countryside. Where do I shop? My favorite places to eat? All sorts of lengthy drawn out questions, full of grammar and punctuation issues, I have been plied with. Then there were the more, shall I say, on the personal side of enquiries. Those may be discussed in future endeavors. Or at least hinted at. Much depends on my mood swings.

I best get things straight here as well. Some of you are assuming due to my choice of pen name that I must be a drag queen. I was shocked by those letters. Sadly as much entertainment as that would be for you, and me, I am just a countess from across the ocean side. My family originates from a small landlocked country that you may, or may not, have heard of before. It’s best I refrain from saying too much of that. Which is why I chose a pen name that implies the possibilities of security from litigation. You get me as I am. Unchecked. Unfiltered and uncommon. Yet never uncouth. I am well documented yet here in privacy.

I was told I should stay away from topics of politics in my letters. Though, rest assured, I will still be paying off whoever I have to to get the road to my house plowed before anyone else's. What you call a democracy here seems to get greased the same way as my daddy's kingdom.

Where do I buy my clothes was the most common question so far in your letters to me. At my age I have enough clothes that many have to be seasonally stored elsewhere’s in climate controlled storage units. But I do like new things to wear. I also like to be treated extra special. I am ‘entitled’ from birth to that after all. The pun princess that I am. And yes I do have tiaras.

In Chic Shoenique of Longmeadow is certainly a place for upscale ladies like me. Too many shoes? That’s nonsense. One can never have too many shoes. Too few dates might be the issue for those that think there should be a limit on shoes in ones closets. If I wasn’t so shy I would walk their instagram runway and give the paparazzi a catwalk to remember…

Do tell the ladies there I said hello. And no. I don't get a commission!

I do try my best to be helpful when I am around others, though I truly would prefer this letter writing journey to forego being an advice column. So please keep those more personal advice questions to a minimum. For your protection as well as my own.

I'll wrap up this shorter letter now, since my fingers are getting tired and my pastries in the oven smell like I've procrastinated too long getting out of my comfy seat here. Till the next time! Stay safe and be kind to each other. Remember you hold the power for enjoying your life.

Send me more letters!


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please be advised while wcmbusiness appreciates Miss Representations desire to blog - nothing said here is approved, fact checked, or a representation of wcmbusiness its owners or representatives, or anyone involved or not involved in the aforesaid entity.

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