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It Takes Relating for a Relationship.

The public narrative of what people openly speak about is vastly different than the discourse that happens in private amongst those who can hold space for true communication.

I am someone who has spent years facilitating ‘circles’ and teachings on dimensional consciousness. I can attest to how much I have heard and how it is starkly different than what is traditionally accepted for public discourse. A ‘circle’ in this context is when a group of people get together and build a safe space for communication and sharing. Sometimes circles are devoted to meditation and growing experiences for spiritual consciousness.

Ever since I’ve been more honest of telling people about the things I have experienced, since childhood, I have had more and more people share things that they have experienced which go against the norms of what is accepted in society as real. Things that fail to be discussed are often assumed to be of less importance than what is the talk of the day. Yet people are experiencing life very differently.

Many things are held back from discussion in communities where people fear for their safety from others. If you live in a community, or family, where the main members are reactive then you often either learn to condition your words and behaviors to their reactions or suffer the consequences. If you are strong enough you learn to still grow in your abilities of being a well balanced person and seek out ways and places to create safe circles and spaces to foster actual working relationships with others. Living in a community, or family, that is openly responsive can allow for communication and relating to take place in a healthy manner.

This is all common sense for someone who consciously works with their senses. Though many people are lost within reactionary states of living. They fail to have abilities of response for relating with each other. Relationships are built by learning to relate with someone. Yet somehow there are people everywhere wondering why their relationships are failing. In truth for many of them they haven’t even created a functioning ability of relating with the other person before they lose themselves in their wants and desires to see where that person actually is, never mind who they are, and if they are even able to receive or facilitate abilities of relating in return.

Years ago I was offering ‘empathic readings’ at a friends place of business, much further away in another state than where my office was, and I had a couple that wanted a reading. I asked if they were open to the truth of what I saw and felt and they said yes. I asked again for clarification and stated that they may not like to hear what I say. They wanted to know about their relationship. I basically started explaining that their relationship was a hardship for the boyfriend because he was not being given space for himself to truly be who he was. He was being controlled by her and his growth was being limited. I explained while he loved her she was taking advantage of his kindness by not listening or realizing how her behavior's were effecting him. She was drowning him and and he was feeling that he needed to suffer and carry the weight of her selfishness. She was not ready to hear this and objected and demanded their money back from the reading. Though a light went on inside of him. I could see from the look on his face, and from what I empathically felt that he was feeling, he suddenly realized and had confirmation that he was allowing and feeding into someone who truly was unable and unwilling to try to relate in return with him.

I’ve met many people living out long dramas of relationships that really are not about relating but getting certain needs or conditions met. Often times the needs and conditions are never actually met and the drama stagnates into normalized unhappiness that they suffer within themselves. The discord of living that way imbeds energy imbalances within the couples that over long term exposure leads to mental and physical disease.

Western society suffers deeply from a lack of healthy communication. Healthy communication is more than just being polite and kind and responsive to the person you are learning to communicate with. Healthy communication has a willingness to listen to new ideas and to develop thought processes that are conducive to your own growth as well as the growth of others. A willingness to dive deep is needed. A desire for depth of experience and discernment of being is encouraged.

Sadly many are entrained away from their consciousness into distraction and discord. The most important relationship you will ever have in this life is your own inner relationship of your being to the greater nature of being. Some might label that your higher power or even your connection to what people term god.

So back to the beginning of this series of thought processes I am offering here.

When people are distracted from the consciousness of their being, either by not being willing to deal with the responsibilities of having an ability of response for being, or are lost within the dramas of others, or failing to have an ability of discernment for what is real, the limitations within their experiences of life are greatly enhanced to the point it is normalized to the extent they falsely believe that is all there is for them.

The word culture is built from the word cult. A societies culture is the main cult of the society.

It takes consciousness, and most importantly clear spiritual consciousness, to transcend the culture you were born into. The ability to know your spirit, consciously experiencing your spirit, and where it’s coming from as opposed to being lost within reactionary processes of confusion.

It takes safe space to form the abilities to find ones voice and express things you may not currently have the words for. It takes safe space to learn that there are things you carry with you that you can let go of and be freed from.

There is much more going on all around us that we can grow and benefit from. With clearer perception we can learn to avoid bringing a lifetime of tribulation to us that we have to struggle and attempt to survive from. History is riddled with people who live out long slow suicides of giving up their will power and subjugating themselves to their experiences of life.

We have experiences of life. We are not the experience itself. With the proper alignment of perception and knowledge of the origins of where we come from we can see these things clearly. We can gain more control of our lives when we transcend the experiences within them.

These things are possible. Yet many will never comprehend this in their current experience of life. You have the right to choose and experience better if you are willing. We need to be the voices in our communities, to create those circles, that raise the narrative just by speaking truths.

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