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Snow Confessions....

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

While I am familiar with snow, it's not a new phenomenon to me, I am not used to how the media triggers many people in America to upset themselves over snow storms. As a child. I grew up traveling to our Swiss chalet on ski trips and became accustomed to days locked up in the lodge reading and studying by the big marble fireplace in the library. Possibly I should back track there. While our family went on ski trips the children were not allowed to ski until they reached the age of maturity which in our family line was considered twenty one. As I got older I realized it had more to do with legal obligations than maturity. But I digress.

As I achieved the status of freedom that came with getting further out from under the rule of my family I was able to learn to ski and had more chances to actually play in the snow that I, for many years, longed to experience more fully like other children. We were not allowed to 'play' like the other children. Our family had a reputation to uphold. Children can be an obstacle in unveiling the issues of the adults in the family. Adults learn to hide their issues behind the facades of politeness and poised dignity. Though inequities are often still set ablaze within the emotions of their offspring in unexpected ways. This I proved myself.

It was thought. The children were supposed to behave above the cut of the other standard lines of pedigree in our social class as well as others that we were kept away from. There are bridges I attempt to build to overcome the chasm of childhood disconnection from others.

Here I sit writing, with a blizzard raging outside, opening my heart to you dear readers, hoping you will not judge me for our differences in upbringings. These many years have been a learning process of moving beyond my judgments, and even opinions. I've been recently learning that while we may all have judgments and opinions, those things weight us down and truly disconnect us from those we interact with.

I have been gifted with many things in these years of my colourful storied life. I have learned that offering our attention to another is one of the greatest things we can give. Thus from my heart I am thankful for the growing base of readers of these dear letters. The connections we longed for in childhood are ours to create and parent in adulthood. These are the ways we grow from the difficulties of our upbringing and what may have been unavailable to us for whatever reason. In the end we are the parent of ourself.

I have been sorting through the letters, what you may call emails, to me for suggestions and questions. I will continue to offer a few as I move forward in this endeavor.

I would like to stay positive so I will forego mentioning any of the rude or judgmental reactions I have gotten from people who choose to dislike me. Arthur Isidro, another local blogger on here, recently wrote a nice piece on online abuse that you might want to read when you are finished reading this letter.

There is a wonderful growing list of writers here on this online platform, which is attempting to foster community locally within Western and Central Massachusetts. Raising the Narrative another blog by Keith J Chouinard is truly piquing my interest in where he will go as he unfolds his thought processes for us. I am looking forward to meeting him in person and seeing how someone like him, having dealt with what he calls pre/PTSD from having major psychic visions of his life as a child, deals with living in a society that truly is unable to have the abilities of response for the awareness and experiences that people like him live through. I feel a certain kinship with him already and am hoping he may let me interview him in one of my future letters here*.

(*Hint. Since I know he reads all the blogs here)

People have been asking me to share, here, more personal information about myself. That in of it self is a challenge for me. While I have been known in the past to be a bit of a loud mouth, and rather opinionated, I have been seeing myself more clearly as I have been aging. Ever as gracefully as a modern world allows. Things are so much different in the realm of culture that my family, back home, still exists within. For me. I have moved far away from that bastion of living and to the scourge of my family set out to the beat of my own drums.

One of the big questions I have been poised with has been my love interests and if I am married. Since this is a snowy confessional.... I will admit my epic unrequited love was a member of the British royal family. Most knew him as the race car driver Johnny Dumfries, though to me, he was the mystery of his given name. John Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute Ours was a star crossed love, doomed by past lives, and ancestral responsibilities, yet ignited by the flames of a connection that surpassed cultures and time. Sadly he passed onwards last year but still remains within my heart.

I truly did enjoy the snows of today. Here in the hills of Western Mass tucked away in our wonderful house. We purchased this property, some time back, just by seeing photos sent to us. Yes. We've done some extensive updating. But. I love it as much as I did when Swallow Realty announced its availability.

Thank you for your attention within this short little confessional of sorts. There's more to come and if you haven't already I hope you will catch up with my previous letters to better grasp where I am coming from on this snowy day of my writing.

Since I am writing today about cleaning up my act, of sorts, I should mention my favorite line of soap which I've recently discovered. It is actually made here in Massachusetts. Yes. I partly love it due to their logo. Of course I would. Keith Mark Soap has truly helped my skin in this weather that often would leave it dry and feeling unmoisturized. It is full of natural ingredients & free of synthetic oils or colours. Yes I am ending my letter with a sales pitch but you will thank me for it later! Much love my new friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please be advised while wcmbusiness appreciates Miss Representations desire to blog - nothing said here is approved, fact checked, or a representation of wcmbusiness its owners or representatives, or anyone involved or not involved in the aforesaid entity.

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