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White Sage: What It Is and How to Use It for Energy Clearing

white smudge wand burning with smoke rising from it
White Sage Burning

White sage (Salvia apiana) is a powerful herb that has been used for centuries in smudging ceremonies by many cultures. The smoke from certain plants and herbs is thought to have cleansing and healing properties and is often used as a part of spiritual ceremonies or rituals.

Smudging is the practice of using the smoke from burning herbs to cleanse and purify objects, people, or spaces. White sage is one of the most popular herbs used in smudging because it is thought to be very cleansing and purifying. In this blog post, we will discuss some history and benefits of white sage, and we will also provide some tips on how to use it for energy clearing. It is important to note that there are times you would want to consult with an energy practitioner for dealing with certain energies.

A branch of fresh white sage
Fresh White Sage

White sage is an evergreen shrub that grows in the mountains of southern California and northern Baja, Mexico. It has small leaves, which are green on the top but white underneath (hence its name). The plant can grow up to three feet tall and produce flowers that range from purple to pinkish-white. White sage is also known as sacred sage, bee sage, or blue sage. It is a member of the mint family and has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties in Native American traditions.

White sage is believed to be one of the most sacred plants in Native American culture and has a long history of use in traditional ceremonies. In more recent times, it has also become popular among Westerners for its cleansing and purifying properties. Ethical cultivating and harvesting is of concern due to the current increased demand of white sage. It is important to be aware if the place you purchase it from is respecting these concerns. The respect for the white sage, as well as the intents held during the smudging process, has a direct effect on the outcome of the clearing.

Smudging with white sage can be a powerful way to clear away negative energy and restore balance in your life. It is an energetic process and needs to be respected as such. The energy you bring into the process will directly effect your outcome. Depending on the purpose of the smudging you might want to consult a professional energy/spirit worker to assist you.

If you are interested in trying smudging, it is important to learn how to do it safely and respectfully. There are many different ways to smudge, so you can find one that works best for you.

Bundles of white sage in an abalone shell
Bundles of White Sage in an Abalone Shell

Benefits of using white sage: The following are some benefits to using white sage in smudging ceremonies:

White Sage can help cleanse negative energy from people, objects, or spaces.

White Sage is thought to be a powerful protector against harm and negative energy.

The energy of the smoke of White Sage is said to help purify the mind, body, and spirit.

Smudging with white sage can help create a sense of peace and calmness. It truly is an energetic process of shifting and clearing the energy in the space that is being worked with. Maintaining the energetic boundaries of ones space can also be assisted with the right selection of gemstones and crystals. As well, white sage can be used to energetically clean and clear crystals and gemstones that take on other energies. Jewelry that one wears often needs to be cleared of the days emotions and energies.

How to use white sage for energy clearing:

Here are a few tips on how to use white sage for energy clearing:

Using a feather and white sage to smudge a person
Smudging a Person

If you are cleansing people, have them stand in front of the smoke and pass their hands through it. You can move the smoke up and down their body, both the front and back, and then ask them to lift each foot one at a time and smudge under their feet. It is considered proper to move the smoke counter clockwise if you are holding the smudge wand in your hand. If you are holding a feather and moving the smoke you should move the feather right to left toward the person.

As you do this, keep your intentions in mind. Say a prayer or mantra to help you focus on what you are trying to achieve with smudging. Your focus of intent is important. Your focus is the energy of your intent. The energy of the process will be as strong as you will it into being. Draw from you higher being.

If you are cleansing objects, hold the object in the smoke and rotate it around.

If you are cleansing a space, light the sage and walk around the space, waving the smoke into all corners. Wave the smoke as discussed above. It is best to have some windows or doors open for the energy that is being transformed to move out of as well.

A bowl of loose white sage
Loose White Sage

You can also create a smudge stick with white sage by bundling together several leaves and tying them securely with thread or ribbon. To use, light one end of the smudge stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Then blow out the flame and let it smolder.

Do not leave a burning sage stick unattended, and make sure there is plenty of ventilation when using white sage in your home or office. It is also important to note that if you have allergies or asthma, you may want to avoid using white sage as it can aggravate these conditions. The smoke from white sage can also be irritating to the eyes and nose. Use a holder, like an abalone shell or bowl with sand, under the sage so embers do not fall and burn anything in your home or office. When finished you can use the container to put out the burning white sage. A little bowl of small white sage leaves in the bathroom is a nice spot to help clear the air. Have an additional small bowl with sand so the white sage can burn out safely while you are in the bathroom. Light the sage first, upon entering the bathroom.

People often use white sage when they move into a new place, though it truly should be used more often to clear the energies of your surroundings. Learning to work on clearing your energies and the energies of where you spend your time can assist you in a healthier experience of life. There are times when you should consult a professional energy/spirit worker for clearing more complex energies and you should never be afraid to do so.

Spirit clearings with psychic empathic therapist Keith Chouinard

You can make or purchase white sage spray, if you have to be careful of the smoke, it is made from the oils of the white sage and often is a great option for bringing and using in places you cannot use an open flame. The spray is less noticeable to others as well.

Becoming more spiritually conscious can allow you an experience of life that is deeper and richer in being more alive. There is no need to live out lives subjugated to our experiences when we can truly transcend them and live more freely.

Transcendence by Keith Chouinard, empathic therapist, author of Awaking Spirit reclamation of being

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