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Who Were You, Before You Came Here?

Openly discussing concepts that have not been normalized, by the average person, is often part of raising the narrative of discourse in society. Many people are only willing to believe things that they themselves have experienced. While others will believe many things that they have never experienced and sometimes are not even real.

Personally I do believe it helps, and might be necessary, to have the experience of something to be able to have belief or faith in it. Though it is important to have sensory discernment to be open to deeper experiences of your own being. Otherwise ones opinions and judgments, never mind limitations of thought constructs, can get in your way and keep the inner doors to your being closed off to you.

Some people in society struggle with flashes of images and even memories that do not really fit in with their current time period and life. Though at the same time, often, these flashes and memories have deeper truths to how the person feels or reacts in their current experiences of life.

Some people believe in the realities of reincarnation and know things about other time periods that they themselves have no knowledge of. Yet somehow they do. Small children will tell stories of other lives they recall living and there are reported cases where their parents do research and find “their” children know actual facts about people and places that did exist. How do these children know these things?

The idea of reincarnation is either thought of as a sacred truth or crazy talk depending on the culture and part of the world you are in. In many western worlds the concept is repressed and hidden away from the general narratives of society. Yet at the same time there are openly revered people, like the Dalai Lama, that is accepted by many people to be a reincarnated being.

It takes growing abilities of discernment to grasp the deeper aspects of living. It takes clear discernment to tell what is actually happening within the narratives of discourse in various societies themselves. Discernment allows one to comprehend the truth versus illusions or outright lies. Recorded history is written mostly by the winners of the past culture wars.

Narratives are often orchestrated for keeping the stories of history in place to protect the culture in power. Through time, power struggles shift the narratives to fit the agendas of the current cult of society in power or struggling to gain power.

Much like a game where you put an object under a shell and then move other shells around the shell with the object under it. Where is the object? Where is the truth? What is the perceived truth after it has dealt with the trauma of history?

Clear perceptual abilities are becoming more crucial to have to survive as the truth of life becomes more hidden within the shifting shells people are losing their attention to.

The truth is still the truth regardless to history or the stories told about it. The truth is still the truth regardless on ones personal opinions or judgments of it. The truth is not owned by individuals. The truth exists whether anyone grasps it or not. There is no “my truth or your truth”. There is truth and there are perceptions and responses or reactions to it.

Many people get lost in their perceptions of truth and their attachments and sense of ownerships of it. While there are dimensions of truth, absolute truth is multidimensional and is beyond the constructs of what the average person has the abilities of response for. Absolute truth can be difficult to process when you have been entrained to feed from illusions of truth. The concept of cognitive dissonance is an example of this. I will include a link for more information on cognitive dissonance at the bottom of this article.

Identity issues can arise when people have yet to deal with the things they feel and experience in life. When people attach to their projections they lose their focus and often falsely believe they are their projections. Individuals in society are lost within a projectionary war against each others projections that cascade outwards into the greater society.

I, as some others I have met, have the abilities at times to see, sense, feel, other peoples past lives when I am interacting with them. It often depends on the density of the past life energy that they carry in their energy, auric, field. Often times children are the easiest to see this in. Seeing how a child died in their previous life is relatively more common to me that even I want to be aware of at times. To me it makes sense I would have these abilities. After all, I, at times, see and feel disembodied spirits. So seeing and feeling how spirits are embodying into the manifestation of physicality is a part of those abilities.

When we choose to see from the realm of spirit, from where we are coming from, as opposed to lost within the reflections of where our physicality is and trying to see from there, we see. We are the seer.

As a child in this life, myself, I had night terrors for a period of time. As I would lay my head down to go to sleep I would suddenly drop into the horrific battlefield scenes of dying. I explicitly saw and felt things that later in life would make more sense to me as I further remembered and dealt with previous lives it seems that I have experienced. I’ve been able to go overseas to other countries as an adult and go to places and even buildings I remember.

Walking into ancient buildings in the UK or Europe and suddenly having massive empathic memory recall to the point it takes me hours and sometimes longer to process all that I saw and felt has been a normal occurrence for me. Those types of experiences are not the usual conversation society is open to having. Without even listening many would label the person mentally ill. A few would excite themselves with the possibilities and wish they themselves would remember things like that. Little would they realize the needs for abilities of response for those experiences and the repercussions of not having those processing abilities. There are those others which hearing these experiences would realize the reality, more clearly, of the experiences they themselves hide from others.

This life has been extreme for me in ways western society fails to hold space for. As I got older I realized there were many more people like me out there. As a small child I thought everyone had the abilities I had. It was a rude awakening to realize that was not the truth. I speak about my experiences. It’s not to stand out and say: “hey look at me”. I speak because I know others are suffering due to the fact the narratives of discourse fail to hold space for them. I’d much prefer to be a recluse and hide from the trauma of being around those that know and care no better.

I very often have met people who are struggling with their sexual identities, they feel they were born in the wrong bodies. Very often in interacting with them I see, sense, and feel their other lives living out experiences that they are so attached to still. The attachments are so strong that they feel them in their current bodies. There are many reasons why people might struggle with identity issues. Having the abilities to discuss the possibilities of reincarnation, within the narratives of our discourse, can give insight to many realities that are blocked from consideration in a society that is lost within its projections.

Western societies struggle with many mental and emotional issues due to the fact they repress their societies' truths that would set them free from the constraints of the paradigms of the societies themselves. Thus issues ensue as individuals awaken from their entrainment and power struggles within themselves and their society develop.

Current economic paradigms within many countries would fail to survive, as is, if their societies awakened to the truth of their individual realities and how those realities create and are complicit in the shared experiences of the society they are within.

I fully believe raising the narratives of discourse in society is a way to assist society in finding ways to achieve abilities of response to the truths of their being. These are the ways we avoid and transcend the cults of war.

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