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You Already Know...

Do you remember when products and food weren’t available in 2020 & 2021? If you are here you probably already know, buying local is so important! But how important?

"Many [small businesses] have been forced to close or are dealing with a major decline in revenue.", as stated on Even though the holiday season is over, small businesses still need your support. Now more than EVER - at least in most of our lifetimes and since the modern globalization of product distribution - we must support our local businesses and food producers.

We support each other.

By doing this, you are placing a vote. YOU are ensuring the security of those items in your area. YOU are planting and nourishing strong roots!

Usually this means things are tastier, healthier, and better quality.

You can feel good about your dollars helping to support your neighbors and direct community rather than a big shot CEO who will never know your name or that of your community. Those dollars will help support and create jobs, infrastructure and a better stronger community.

We need to support businesses that provide local products and that purchase from other local businesses. By doing this we help our local economy flourish and create the security we need to survive as a community in times of food/product “drought”.

How can I do this you may wonder? Being a part of the Western Central Mass Business community is a great start! Also, staying current on blogs like mine where I will give you ideas and answer questions on topics like how to use locally sourced seasonal foods and items throughout the year!

On that note and in support of nourishing our roots, check out my recipe on how to use up those root veggies from the fall garden/market by making a delicious Root Veggie Hash. I look forward to connecting with you here and in the community!

Cheers to 2022!

Stay Connected.

Stay Wicked,

Shannon Green

President & CEO, Co-Owner

Jay's Wicked Gourmet
Ware, MA
"All Natural and Sourcing as Locally as Possible"


How are you helping support your community and local economy? How often do you buy local? Was it a priority in pre-covid 2019? Is it a priority now? Why or why not? What could help you buy locally more often? Let's work together to build a better healthier community.


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